Friday, May 1, 2009

THE NORTH AMERICAN MOOSE, by Elliot S., Mr. Maciolek's Class, Fourth Grade

Clop, clop, clop. “Whoa, look over there, I think it’s the extraordinary North American Moose. Let’s investigate and while we’re there let’s learn about their body (and features), diet, and habitat.”

“Now, we’re going to being with the moose’s extraordinary body and some awesome body features. Did you know that their antlers can be the size of a six foot tall human. Have you ever noticed that flap of skin beneath their chin? That’s called a bell. They only live for about 15-20 year and the mother and father maybe calf might muzzle together. The calf only weighs 14 kilograms when born. And they are 6ft tall (in all with antlers 12ft tall). So, their antlers are the same length (6ft). And that’s all for the body. Next is the amazing habitat.”

“Have you ever wondered where a North American Moose’s habitat is like (let me tell you it’s not a home.) We’re going to begin. Their homes are North America, Europe, and Asia. They also might live in fields or grassy areas. They inhabit many grassy, shrubby, cold places (not freezing cold places). Now let’s move on.”

“If you think broccoli is disgusting or any other food you will not like this paragraph. But let’s (anyway) move on. This strange moose’s diet includes (they’re herbivores) they eat grasses (yummy)(not really) shrubs, pine cones. And even mosses. Plus small aquatic plant (small underwater shrubs or grasses). And that’s all of the strange and weird diet.”

“Did you learn a lot about the North American Moose’s body (and body features), diet and finally habitat? And that’s all folks, see ya back soon!!!”

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  1. Dear Elliot,

    You really did a nice job with letting us hear the writer's "voice." Great job with your transitions.