Thursday, April 30, 2009

THE NORTH AMERICAN MOOSE, by Nathan L., Mr.Maciolek's Classroom, Fourth Grade

Watch out! A North American Moose is charging through the woods!

Today I am going to teach you about this amazing mammal’s awesome body, wild habitat and its delicious diet. So come join me on a wild adventure that will blow you away!

Did you know that a North American moose can be as tall a basketball player? So let’s start our first topic - the moose’s body. When you go in the woods and a moose is on its hind legs, I would suggest looking up because this moose can stand up to 7’5” tall. That is one inch shorter than the tallest basketball player in the world, Yao Ming. If you ever scream in the woods, the North American moose might hear you. This animal has some of the finest hearing anywhere. He North American moose are also very good at swimming. They use this ability to flea from predators when they are being chased or to just relax and cool down on a hot day. If you ever see a North American moose charging right at you, I would suggest get out of the way because this goliath is the strongest of the deer family. A moose’s antlers make them dangerous when it is charging at something. The moose can run up to 25 mph, so if it runs into you with it’s antlers it can pierce your skin and cause serious injury.

If you ever move to Asia or Europe from North America you will be surprised by the fact that the North American moose lives there as well. Our second topic is about the moose’s habitat. When I first saw a moose I thought, “Where does this animal live?” Well, I figured out that they don’t just live in North America, that they live all over the world. Most of the North American moose live in North America, however many live in China and Europe as well. Moose get hunted due to there vast population. When moose were in Europe in the 1700’s they were almost hunted to distinction. When they discovered how bad it was getting they outlawed the hunting of moose.

Our final is about the North American moose’s diet. There are more than 500,000 types of food in the world. So what does the North American moose eat? North American moose love to eat aquatic plants. They also like to eat lichens off of trees, plants and rocks. When you are hiking or exploring and there are a lot of plants and moss around don’t be surprised if you see a North American moose eating.

Thank you for joining me on this wild adventure. The next time you see a North American moose remember what you learned today.

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  1. Great job Nathan,
    This is a great effort, your description and elaboration has made this an excellent piece of writing!
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