Friday, May 1, 2009

MOOSE REPORT, by Devon L., Fourth Grade

Animal Planet, you don’t need animal planet to learn about the North American Moose’s body, habitat, and diet. So turn your T.V off and put your listening ears on. First I’m going to tell you about the North American Moose huge and powerful body.

If a moose sat on you, you will probably suffocate you because it could weigh 1400 pounds, male moose could be six feet tall too. Now this sentence I’m going to read to you is going to blow your mind! Female moose are call cows. Male moose are called Bulls. They shed their antlers and grow a new set every year.

The second powerful detail is about the habitat. They live in Alaska, Canada, Northern and Western United States, Europe, and Asia.

The third topic is diet. Moose are Herbivores, that means that the North Americans Moose only eats plants and that’s all the information I have so you could now turn your T.V back on and put your listening ears off.

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  1. Dear Devon,

    I really enjoyed your moose report, I'm glad that I'm not a herbivore like a moose. Keep on writing, you are doing a great job.


    Nathan S.