Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Junior Olympic Time, by Danielle C.

"Smash," I hear in the background as I finish up my beam routine. Karen Tang just did her 9.875 vault. Our three level ten girls, Abby, Karen, and Kathy are the favored to win this years Junior Olympics. But right now the lower levels are not getting the attention because Marlyce, Andy, and Patty are too busy to think about us. Whenever there is a big meet coming up for the older girls it is always like this. Finally after Abby does her last vault, Patty hurries up to us. "Go to floor girls," Patty says in between breaths. Our team scurried over to the big open floor. Luckily, the older girls have to go to the bars and only Andy can instruct that. I saluted and then the music turns on. As I jump, twist, and turn around the floor I sneak a quick glance at Marlyce. Even though she is supposed to be with us, she can only look at the older girls. Finally, my routine is over and I walk off the floor. Marlyce scores me a high 9.850. After the rest of the team finishes their routines we have to do our strength list. After she gives us the ok to pass the boys vaulting, Marlyce is gone in a flash to go tell Kathy T. to keep her legs together on her layouts. As I get in line to do the ropes, Patty walks over to our team. She said we were supposed to go over to vault instead. Again I am first up. I run down the runway, "Smash," I hear as I go flying over the vault table. I stick it with no wobbles and then I see something unusual. Patty, Andy, and Marlyce are all staring at me! As our team starts to vault, Andy and Marlyce keep watching. The team finally was not ignored.

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  1. Dear Danielle,
    This experience seems to be written from the heart. I'm glad everything worked out in the end.
    You have a very good way with words.
    A Big Fan of Writing!