Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tiger, Tiger... by Alec L., Mrs. Ingram's First Grade

Tiger, tiger

by Alec L.

Tiger, tiger

How big are your claws?

I wish I had claws as big as you.

Tiger, tiger

Can you roar?

I wish I could roar as loud as you.

Tiger, tiger

How sharp are your teeth?

I wish I had teeth as sharp as you.

Tiger, tiger

How many stripes do you have?

I wish I had stripes like you.


  1. Dear Alec,
    Your poem reminded me of how I too, sometimes thing about and wish I was a little different. I could use some strips, sharp teeth, and even a set of big claws.
    Keep writing!
    Mr. M.

  2. I could use some stripes, not strips...