Sunday, May 3, 2009

THE NORTH AMERICAN MOOSE, by Natalie R., Mr. Maciolek's Class, Fourth Grade

The North American Moose

A wild ride of good writing is coming about the North American Moose. Now, I will tell you about the moose’s large body, the open wide habitat, and its different diet.

“Clomp, Clomp” looks like the North American Moose is coming down from the field. Now, I will share amazing facts about the North American Moose’s body. “Thump, thump”, that’s the North American Moose’s big hooves. The hooves are brown, thick and hard. What are those big things on top of the moose’s head? If you guessed antlers, you’re right. The antlers are very large and can weigh a lot. You need powerful legs for swimming, so you should try a moose’s long powerful legs. You might have guessed they would be covered in fur but not just fur, thick brown fur. This fur keeps them warm in the winter.

Now you know about the body. Where are we? We’re in Somers but that’s not where the North American Moose lives. To find out, read on. Here’s a hint. They live in the United States of America and there is another hint in the name, North American Moose. The answer is the North part of the United States of America. But that’s not the only place. Can you guess? The forest. What kind-an evergreen forest. The forest can be found in Maine and Canada. There are more forests but that is where you can find a moose.

You know about the habitat and the body….grilled cheese and soup…Yum! Don’t feed that to a moose. They don’t eat that food. To find out what they do eat, read on! You might have a salad with dressing and other veggies. Well, so does a moose (but not with the dressing). They will eat some nice grass willow and water plants. Don’t forget the lichens. Have you ever been in the woods? Even if you haven’t, you know what’s on the ground, like leaves, pine cones, shrubs, plants and moss. Didn’t that sound good? But I would rather have my lunch – wait, you just ate it all!

We learned about the body, habitat, and diet. Three main ideas. Now that was a lot of interesting and “wild facts”. I hope you had as much fun as I did on this fact filled adventure.

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  1. Natalie,
    I loved your fine piece of writing. You really put a great deal of effort into it and your expository piece came out great! I loved your transitions from one main idea to the other!