Friday, May 8, 2009

FENNEC FOX, by Jacob P., Mrs. Stetson's Class Fourth Grade

Some adaptations that the Fennec Fox has are his gigantic ears: They can pick up sound a half mile away! He also has a heavy sandy coat which camoflauges him and keeps him warm on cool mights in the sahara. Also he's small which helps him squeeze into tight fits, fast, which helps him escape preditors, and he can jump high, which means he can jump over obsticals and so he can get a better look at things if some- thing is blocking his view! Finally, he doesn't need water because he gets it from his food but he will drink when possible! These were some adaptations of the Fennec Fox.

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  1. Jacob,

    I really loved your details and how smoothly this piece reads. This is an example of QUALITY WORK!